The project The cultural legacy of the monasteries resolved in the former Polish Commonwealth and in Silesia during 18th and 19th centuries: the fate, importance, inventory is implemented under the National Programme for Development of Humanities (11H 11 021280), from the funds of Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Narodowy Program Rozwoju Humanistyki

The main aim of the project is to initiate a comprehensive, interdisciplinary and generally accessible scientific description, and inventory the cultural legacy left by the resolved monasteries as an important part of spiritual and material national heritage. This is the first in Europe attempt of identifying and documenting scattered collections of more than a thousand monasteries. The territorial scope of the queries will contain Poland and several neighboring countries, while within the formal range will be included different types of objects: archives, old prints, books, other variety of movables (e.g. liturgical, everyday objects, remnants of the equipment, including e.g. pharmacies), buildings and other facilities in situ, and also the natural and archeological remains, at the moment investigated slightly or not at all. Read more…

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